How to Prevent Vehicle Damage in the Car Wash

Article on how to prevent car wash damage

You can’t deny that society is headed into an age where everything is made easier with automated machinery. An obvious advantage of using newer technology is when you’re trying to preserve the longevity of your vehicle’s exterior. Most potential car owners don’t even think about how important it is to avoid the wrong methods of cleaning their cars.

This is where an automated car wash comes in, and most people who’ve grown accustomed to cleaning their vehicles manually find it hard to believe in the reliability of these things. To put it into perspective, an automated car wash’s average duration would take only five to ten minutes. Let us talk more about how you can avoid vehicle damage at a car wash.

The Why

There’s only so much you can do to clean your vehicle at home; equipment can range from a bucket and a towel, all the way to a vacuum cleaner and a pressure washer. However, the car wash’s quality is only determined by the cleaner’s energy and consistency. This makes it impossible to get the same level of cleanliness every time.

If you go to an automated car wash, you can expect to find the same result every time. That’s because the equipment and methods they use will always stay consistent except for maybe an upgrade to existing tools. Let’s take Manteca’s best car wash as an example; At Clear Drop Car Wash, they use state-of-the-art equipment and pair it with trained customer service representatives to ensure you have the fastest and easiest car wash experience.

The What

The brush and touchless are two of the most common techniques modern car wash facilities use, with the latter being the newer innovation. You need to be informed of these methods as most car wash facilities aren’t obligated to educate their customers about these topics.

The brush car wash is best used for newer vehicles with a base paint, and clear coat protection applied for the exterior. However, if you’re driving an older model vehicle, then chances are, your unit may only have a single-stage paint job, which would make it risky to get cleaned regularly at a brush-only car wash facility. The touchless car wash procedure uses pressurized water and detergents, which is ideal for any vehicle type.

The How

Once you’ve learned which automated car wash method is best for your car, you can now note these key reminders to ensure your vehicle’s health. The first is to make sure your doors and windows are properly closed before the wash begins. 

Secondly, make sure that you keep an eye on the manual wipe down, which occurs after the wash. This is usually done by ushering you to park your car in a separate area which the facility will provide. Always check towels and microfiber cloths for any dirt or grime before allowing attendants to touch your vehicle.

Third and lastly, don’t get tempted to add any extra services such as wax and under wash treatments as the effect of these may vary depending on your car’s manufacturer. An exception is for the wheel, and tire cleaning is offered as an extra service after the main wash procedure.


It’s always a good idea to do a little research before you risk having your vehicle potentially damaged by lousy practice. However, Manteca’s Clear Drop Car Wash offers only the best services to their customers, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands when you avail of their automated car wash.