5 Car Cleaning Myths

You may have heard various opinions from different people about car wash or car cleaning. Some may be knowledgeable about these details, and some are undeniably subjective with their information without a factual basis. Although some of them may sound convincing and informative, you have to do additional research yourself to prevent your car from damages. 

Car cleaning is essential to keep your car in its pristine condition and maintain its performance. Yes, not only that it keeps your vehicle maintain its aesthetics, but it can affect your car performance sooner or later.  Provided how people tend to spread inaccurate information, here are five car cleaning myths you have to be aware of: 

  1. Car Wash and Car Detailing Are The Same

First of all, car wash and car detailing are not the same. Car washes are pretty efficient in keeping your car’s physical maintenance, especially with these memberships with unlimited car wash. They are quite ideal and practical in these arduous and financially challenging times. Clear Drop Car Wash offers one of the best automatic car wash within the perimeter. 

On the other hand, car detailing is more into extensive details and comes more expensive. Detailing not only caters to the car’s exterior but also gets into interior detailing, claying, polishing, waxing, glass cleaning, and tire cleaning. This is also an intelligent investment as technical professionals analyze and assess your car before performing such operations. 

  1. Cleaning Is Not Entirely Necessary

When people say that engine cleaning is not entirely necessary, correct them. Although the engine cannot be seen unless the hood is opened, it is crucial to maintain cleanliness to prevent damages and other complications. Leaving your engine dirty for a long duration can result in rust, leaks, and even engine fires. 

  1. Any Towel or Cloth Could Be Used For Car Cleaning

Did someone tell you it is okay to use baby diapers, paper towels, or used t-shirts for car cleaning? Think again. Chamois and microfiber towels are the best pick for car cleaning purposes.  Their texture and fabric quality make them ideal to not cause any scratches or damages to your car paint. 

  1. The Rain is Good Enough For a Car Wash

So your car caught a heavy rain, is it now considered a free car wash? No, rainwater is not as clean as the ones we use for car washing. You may have noticed dozens of water spots after catching the rain. Rainwater contains minerals that cause these water spots and does not appear as ideal as you thought it might be. 

  1. Detergents Can Do The Job For Car Cleaning

Lastly, detergents are not the best choice for cleaning your vehicle. They contain abrasive chemicals that can shorten the lifespan of your car paint. It is recommendable to focus your investments in car wash shampoo or soap with a balanced pH to keep your car paint safe and clean. 


Car wash and car cleaning is an essential factor to keep your vehicle running in perfect condition. If you find some information quite unrealistic or doubtful, never hesitate to do a more profound research and satisfy yourself with your uncovered information.